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Team Communications For Private Security

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Private Security Maintains Edge With Team Communications

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Private security firms face unique challenges. New clients arrive, older clients add locations or new staff, and there’s a constant turnover of employees at your customers’ businesses. To be successful, your team must integrate seamlessly into the client’s existing operations and communications networks, and accommodate these changes without compromising the safety of property or personnel.

At the same time, threats are becoming more sophisticated – harder to identify in advance, and more difficult to neutralize peacefully. Increased scrutiny from both the clients and the public demand that your team perform flawlessly with only seconds of advance warning. Now more than ever, it’s critical that your team communicates instantly and efficiently.

Motorola Solutions is there to help you manage situations and minimize escalation with every encounter. Team Communications solutions take push-to-talk (PTT) beyond the boundaries of radio, allowing all of your employees to communicate instantly, from anywhere, while leveraging intelligence from a wide range of applications designed to help your business succeed and keep your clients and employees from harm.

Safety Is Your Top Priority 
Companies don’t hire private security firms without a reason. Even though the stated goal may be to secure a building or protect property, underlying that is the expectation that the customer’s personnel and your team go home to their families at the end of the day.

For those situations where seconds can mean the difference between triumph and tragedy, nothing is faster than push-to-talk.

With Motorola Team Communications solutions, two-way radios, smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even landline phones can be connected within a single radio talkgroup. Share critical information with the team on whatever device they prefer, on any available network, at any time.

This means communications to any device: Motorola radios. Other manufacturers’ radios. Mobile devices. Laptops. Tablets. And connection to any network: Motorola LMR. Other manufacturers’ LMR. 4G. 3G. Wi-Fi. Motorola Team Communications connects them all, sharing critical voice and data to enable you to make informed decisions in an emergency.

Everyone is kept aware of developing situations, and laptops and tablets enjoy the same immediate speech capability as radios and smartphones. New team members or additional personnel are set up on the system quickly, and are easily added to existing talkgroups. Seamless communications lead to better security outcomes.

Make certain that everyone who needs to know, will know with Motorola Team Communications.

Technology Is Security’s Best Friend
There is an avalanche of data available to you every day. Leveraging technology to extract key intelligence and automate labor-intensive processes leads directly to mission and business success.

Consider a lone security guard patrolling a freight yard with a MOTOTRBO™ radio. The security center alerts him to a gate alarm at the far side of the yard. Responding to the call, he intercepts two individuals trying to steal some cargo. They flee when he arrives, and during the pursuit he slips and hits his head on the concrete. The security center receives an alarm that the guard is in a prone position, and can pinpoint his exact location on a map to send medical assistance. Meanwhile, a second guard is sent out to secure the forced gate and ensure the cargo is safe. The yard supervisor is contacted at home to alert her to the situation and reassure her that the issue is under control. She remains in contact with the talkgroup until it is confirmed that the first guard’s injury is not serious.

Motorola Team Communications opens up a world of helpful applications for your team. The largest portfolio of applications for two-way radio in the industry is at your disposal, with new innovations arriving frequently from the Motorola Solutions Application Developer Program.

Harness the power of data with Motorola Team Communications to keep your team safe, your clients satisfied, and your profits maximized.

Connect When It Counts, No Matter Where You Are

When valuable information is uncovered, Motorola Team Communications helps you share it instantly to all concerned parties, no matter their location or device.

Geographic limitations don’t apply. As long as your personnel have network connectivity, they are there in the moment with the rest of the team, sharing information and managing situations as if they were just down the street on a radio instead of hundreds of miles away on a laptop.

Critical situations don’t occur on your schedule. There’s no guarantee that you, your key personnel, or the client’s main contacts will be on site – or even in the same state – when a situation escalates. With Motorola Team Communications, you have the freedom to travel wherever necessary, and the confidence that – if needed – you can be right in the middle of the action.

Radio? Smartphone? Laptop? Tablet? Landline? Yes.

For each member of your team to be most effective, they need to use the device that is the best fit for their needs. Personnel in the field looking for optimal audio performance on a purpose-built device cherish their radios. Others may prefer the data capabilities of a smartphone to keep them informed or entertained. Your back office team won’t go anywhere without their laptops, while your client manager and her tablet are inseparable.

You’ve already invested in these products that best fit the needs and skills of your team. Rather than purchasing new, potentially expensive devices that force your team to adapt, leverage your existing investment with our Team Communications solutions.

Suitable for any platform – radios, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and even landline telephones – from any manufacturer. Everyone communicates while operating at peak efficiency on the device they prefer.

Take Your Communications Further

Smart business owners can seize opportunities and hurdle the challenges of the modern marketplace with Motorola Team Communications. Your personnel can connect instantly – on any device, on any network, anywhere – utilizing the same radio talkgroups as your radio users. A wide variety of applications from the industry’s largest two-way radio developer network help keep employees and clients safe, boost efficiency, and protect client property. Keep your team engaged and aware, sharing ideas, solving problems, and building the future of your business with Motorola Team Communications.

Inefficient Communications Drain Resources And Cripple Productivity

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Are Your Team Communications Going Far Enough?

Maintain Your Edge with Team Communications
Keep clients and employees safer by being constantly connected and instantly available.

Connect When it Counts, No Matter Where You Are
Share information in real-time to keep entire teams in the moment regardless of location.

Safety is Your Top Priority
Ensure better situational awareness and security outcomes via unified team communications.

Radio? Smartphone? Laptop? Tablet? Landline? Yes.
Enable personnel to effectively communicate on any device from any manufacturer.

Technology is Security’s Best Friend
Leverage technology that streamlines information, automates processes and maximizes ROI.

Download this brief and uncover how organizations like yours are taking their communications further to impact operations and ensure safety.

Download the Private Security Solution Brief

What Does Efficient Private Security Team Communications Look Like?

Analyze the latest statistics and facts on:

  • Communications issues that drain productivity
  • Improving workplace efficiency by 20% to 25%
  • Connecting any team member, any network, any device, any application

Download the Private Security Infographic