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Team Communications For Hospitality

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Transform Your Guest Experience With Team Communications

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It takes smiling, calm and helpful staff to deliver outstanding guest experiences, day after day. Happy and relaxed guests post five-star reviews on social media and come back. At the heart of everything is seamless, reliable, instantaneous communication, connecting the teams that work together to delight guests at every moment. Motorola Solutions has always been a leader in the development of communications technology for the hospitality industry.

Motorola Solutions Team Communications can connect your teams on every floor, in every building and at every corner of the most ambitious hotel, resort or large venue. Staff are knowledgeable and responsive, and work order changes are communicated clearly, and in an instant. Guest satisfaction scores soar because excellent team communication transforms guest experiences.

Keep Guest Satisfaction At The Forefront

Team Communications for hospitality offers a flexible platform so your teams stay connected and informed no matter their device or network. They can communicate instantly and securely via push-to-talk (PTT) between smartphones, radios, computers, landlines or any other devices. You can also augment your communications system with a rich application ecosystem for additional operational context and intelligence. Now you can select the right device for each worker, confident they can communicate and collaborate with each other. Visiting event teams and contractors who bring their own devices can also become part of the Team Communication system, ensuring guests receive great service from staff who have instant access to information, on the spot. The Team Communications platform unifies your teams and helps to send guest satisfaction scores soaring.

Communicate In An Instant

When it comes to speed, nothing is faster than push-to-talk. Motorola Team Communications provide the instant group communications needed for high-performing teams. Use radios for clear voice in any condition, or the WAVE™ broadband PTT application for instant anywhere connectivity. Because when your staff needs to help keep a guest happy, every moment matters. With Team Communications your teams can simply push, talk and confidently get the help they need.

Drive Efficiencies Across Your Operation

Maintenance teams must respond rapidly if there’s a problem in a room. Housekeeping needs to know immediately if a room is being vacated earlier or later than planned. At the same time, operating profits are absolutely dependent on efficient day-to-day operations. Every moment saved and every reduction in costs contributes to the bottom line. Motorola Team Communications for hospitality provides the communications infrastructure that unlocks efficiency in every area of the operation. Last-minute changes to an event can be communicated instantly to food and beverage teams. Concierge staff have immediate, direct access to guest service teams wherever they happen to be. Processes can be automated with work order ticket management, reducing errors and streamlining operations from end to end. As a result, guests get effortless, responsive service.

Together, our PTT offerings and complementary workforce management applications provide enhanced team communications that improve the real-time flow of information, ideas and decisions that drive efficiencies, improve collaboration and enrich guest experiences.

Assure Safety And Security

Security teams depend on excellent communication under all circumstances. From a celebration that gets too rowdy, to a serious threat – such as an aggressive intruder or a suspect package – instant, clear communication is essential for the safe resolution of the incident. Accidents and injuries, affecting guests or staff, also need prompt, effective response. On-site medical assistance teams have to know exactly where to find someone who needs help. Security teams need to coordinate their responses to threats across large areas and into the more remote sections of large buildings. Duty managers must be able to give first responders clear and precise information about any incident, directing them quickly to the right location.

Communicate Without Boundaries

Forget about networks, devices or geographic boundaries – your team stays connected from any device, anywhere. Whether they are greeting guests at the front desk, servicing equipment in the convention center or even at a sister property hundreds of miles away, with the Motorola Team Communications solution your team is always just a ‘push’ away. Your staff can use the devices they already have – whether it’s smartphones, radios, computers or telephones – or you can equip them with new ones that are fitted to their responsibilities and work environment. They’ll have access to real-time information and the colleagues they need to get the job done right.

Take Your Communications Further

Motorola Team Communications connects your staff instantly, without boundaries and with more information at their fingertips. You can enrich your communications with data and applications designed to simplify your communications and workflows. Improve your staff awareness with indoor location tracking and alarm management. Keep your communications secure with wireline integration for encrypted talkgroups across radio and broadband. And you can ensure safety with man down and lone worker functionality. Integrate new and current software applications within the Motorola Solutions’ ecosystem so your staff can focus less on their communications systems and devices and more on serving the guest in front of them. Better team communications can help your staff elevate the guest experience – so that they not only become repeat customers, but your best reviewers and advocates.

Inefficient Communications Drain Resources And Cripple Productivity

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Are Your Team Communications Going Far Enough?

Transform Your Guest Experience
Connect teams with integrated, reliable communications so they’re always informed and in touch.

Drive Efficiencies Across Your Operation
Unlock day-to-day operational efficiencies that save time, cuts costs and reduce errors.

Keep Guest Satisfaction at the Forefront
Enable teams to respond to guest requests in the moment.

Assure Safety and Security
Give security the communications they need to execute effective responses and resolutions.

Communicate in an Instant without Boundaries
Take advantage of push-to-talk (PTT) applications for instant anywhere connectivity from any device.

Download this brief and uncover how hospitality enterprises, like yours, are taking their communications further to impact operations.

Download the Hospitality Solution Brief

What Does Efficient Team Communications For Hospitality Look Like?

Analyze the latest statistics and facts on:

  • Communications issues that drain productivity
  • Improving workplace efficiency by 20% to 25%
  • Connecting any team member, any network, any device, any application

Download the Hospitality Infographic

MGM Embraces Team Communications
Motorola Solutions' Team Communications provided MGM with a unified communications platform, connecting their MOTOTRBO system with broadband networks so that users could communicate between radios, smartphones, desktops and other devices.

Download the MGM Case Study