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Motorola Original Accessories have to pass stringent design and tests such as Accelerated Life-Testing. ALT accelerates the life of a product design by packing approximately five years of product use into five weeks of grueling testing. These tests include being dropped, electrostatic discharge, custom exposure, cold and hot temperatures and vibration.

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Dispatch / Consoles

The console is the core of your dispatch operations. Motorola offers a variety of console configurations to meet the needs of dispatch centers, from a simple desktop to a large multi-position console configuration.

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Industrial Internet of Things

Our Industrial Internet of Things (Industrial IoT) solutions give your organization the power it needs to be more productive and the insight to help reduce the risk of safety incidents.

Motorola Industrial Internet of Things

In Building Solutions

Do you need wireless communications inside your building? Do Nextel and cellular phones stop working as soon as you walk into your office? Teltronic offers a variety of products to meet these needs. Here is a solution that you may not know about.

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Mobile Radios

Mobile Two-Way Radios are vehicle-mounted wireless devices that are used to send voice or data messages one-to-one or one-to-many over radio frequencies within a local area, city or state. They are often installed on the dash of a vehicle, and can run off its power source. They are used by someone who doesn't need to communicate away from their vehicle.

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Digital opens up a world of possibilities including clearer audio, integrated voice and data on one device, applications such as text messaging, GPS location tracking, telephony, work order ticket management, dispatch and more. Expect 40% longer battery life and greater capacity than analog – twice the number of users for the price of one frequency license.

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Portable Radios

Portable radios make dedicated two-way communications faster, clearer and easier to use for users on the move. These practical radios can easily help increase productivity by keeping users communicating, while allowing them to concentrate on the job at hand.

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Public Safety

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Sometimes radio systems require the use of a repeater. A repeater increases the range and capabilities of your portable or mobile radio communications, solving coverage problems quickly and easily. A repeater can also be easily made into a Base Station, allowing a desktop operator to communicate with other radios in the field.


SCADA systems for real time remote monitoring and control of your facilities. Motorola SCADA systems provide highly reliable communication and control to enhance productivity and efficiency. Our modular ACE3600 RTUs are expandable to meet your growing needs as the next generation MOSCAD RTU.

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Outdoor Broadband

There's a reason why Motorola Wireless Network Solutions are used around the world in over 120 countries and 10,000 wireless networks. The unrivalled Motorola portfolio of Point-to-Point (PTP), Point-to-Multipoint (PMP), and Mesh Wide Area Network (MWAN), WLAN and VoWLAN solutions make governments, enterprises, and service providers more agile by helping them deploy voice, video, and data applications right where they need them.

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Indoor Broadband

Whether you have a single office or a worldwide network, you can stay mobile and connected with Motorola's family of award-winning Wireless LAN products.

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SchoolSAFE Communications is a web-enabled two-way radio based product that allows for communications interoperability between school radio systems and public safety radio systems.


Team Communications

One Platform. One Provider.
All Your Communications Equipment.

Teams are more dispersed than ever. The variety of users and user equipment in the workplace continues to multiply. Businesses want a way to make communication easier and faster, while leveraging the resources they already have in place.

Fast, Reliable Communications
Push. Talk. It’s That Simple.

  • When production stops
  • When the power goes out
  • When a worker needs help

Every moment matters. You need fast and reliable communications between devices and across networks.

Team Communications

Voice Applications

WAVE Work Group Communications is a communications interoperability and broadband push-to-talk (PTT) solution that delivers real-time voice and data securely over any network using any device.

Voice Applications

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